Digital painting of an angry wolf running through snowy expanses

Winter Wolf

Snow and wolves, a topical setting to capture wildlife in.
Digital painting of an anthropomorphic fox / wolf hybrid, holding a stiletto and grinning

The Muse

She is the manifestation of my creative drive and madness.
Digital speed painting of Philip Marlowe smoking a cigarette

Philip Marlowe Speed Paint

Humphrey Bogart as Philip Marlowe, a classic film noir still I transformed into a speed painting.
Neo-noir digital painting of a detective on a crime scene during a snowfall

It’s Snowing Crime

It is almost morning as Frank arrives the first at a scene of a crime, yet another dead body on…
Neo-noir vector logo of a private detective tilting his hat, black background version

Frank Morses Vector Logo

A black and white vector image I made to liven up a business card project that was lingering on my…
Vector logo of a fictitious radio company called Vixen, an anthropomorphic vixen with headphones and sunglasses

Vixen Logo

It started out as a university project for a fictitious radio company, and as soon as I learned it was…
Pencil fanart drawing of the L.A. Noire detective Cole Phelps

Cole Phelps L.A. Noire

Cole Phelps and his detective skills extraordinary captured onto a traditional drawing.
Pencil drawing of a Siberian husky running in snow

Running Husky

Another of my older drawings, based on a photographic reference of a Siberian husky running through snow covered plains.
Neo-noir digital painting of a private investigator having a bad case of Christmas

Bad Case of Christmas

It is a bad night for the private investigator Frank Morses who finds himself with a sinking stomach from spending…
Pencil drawing of a tiger's head

Waiting Tiger

A traditional pencil drawing of a tiger I did some years back, scanned with a flatbed scanner and touched up…
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