Master Thesis

The final thesis of my studies, from which this very website came to be. Much like my previous thesis, this Master Thesis concentrates on marketing my own creative outputs through a WordPress based website and accompanying tools. My master level studies were again a mixture, but instead of information technologies and management, marketing was added into the mix.

The thesis flows through aplenty topics involved with marketing products in the digital world, starting with analysis and deciding what to use and what to trim. The most important question is not which e-marketing tools to use, but why should they be used. Cutting corners is an ever tempting prospect, but just in the facet of something like SEO, just how many times has Google changed their ranking algorithms? And how often has this resulted in nothing but marketers scrambling to cut the new corners anew?

After choosing the ways to create context comes implementation, and so does the thesis delve into the technical aspects of e-marketing. The goal is automation and efficiency, but not fully on the side of ‘getting it to work,’ but wholly on the notion of continuous operation. Creation and marketing form an endless tug of war — the more I do of the first, the less time and energy I have for the other.

The thesis is only available in Slovak language, for those wanting to peek into what helped me attain my master degree.

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