Neo-noir digital illustration of a mobster taking off his trench coat in a restaurant

Your Coat and Hat

Asking your suspicious restaurant visitor to ditch his coat and a hat may not be the best of ways to introduce him to the civilized demands of your fine establishment.

Neo-noir digital painting of a man standing in a back alley after committing a murder

Dark Romance

There under that unforgiving glare of an alley spotlight, the man stands torn of inner conflict that he brought into reality.

Digital sketch of a planar human head bust

Planar Analysis

Exercise aimed at a better understanding of human facial structures and head shape.

Digital painting of an anthropomorphic griffin in a gloomy monastery, tending the sick

Prior Friedrich

A prior in the rough times of the great pestilence, using his blind faith to tend to those few who remain succumbing to the painful death.

Still life drawing of regular household items; a glass jar, a bowl, an apple, and a spoon

Still Life – Apple and Jar

Within continuous efforts to improve my drawing and painting skills, one of the most challenging techniques, bar perspective drills, is traditional still life.